Halting Liberalism and Modernism in Their Tracks

Key ideas as you develop this lesson--some traditions are good and scripture speaks in the New Testament favorably about continuing in good traditions (2 Thessalonians 2: 15).

The sentence above what what was developed in a leadership class about the roles and responsibilities of elders. The rest of this material was contributed by Sid Womack ten years later. Hopefully it will do someone some good.

In 2009 we thought we were speaking to a contemporary problem. We had no idea how far liberalism would stretch. Today we are no longer talking about a problem of hemlines among the women, or how old male members of the church could be before they had to have a male rather than female teacher. Our contemporary society of 2019 has stretched liberalism to a whole new dimension. Liberalism has invaded our politics, our economy, our nation's morals, and our political leaders. The country is on the verge of socialism.

The solution to liberalism is the solution to all of our other problems. Back to God's word! Find the center path through what He has taught. Don't concentrate on trying to be liberal or conservative. Instead, turn to the Bible. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path," Psalms 119: 105.

It is true that God's Word will usually lead in a conservative direction. Our walk with God is a walk of moderation. Let the Word do the moderating. Then man can't complain that "You are being conservative because you just like it that way."


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