I. The Bible makes reference in several places to spiritual blindness. References to spiritual blindness are always negative.

A. The church at Laodecia was, among other things, blind. See Revelation 3: 14- 22. They thought they were so wise and

sophisticated, but they were so wrong. They couldn't see themselves! They needed Jesus' help (verse 18) to see,

spiritually speaking. Oh but that the world would implore Jesus to help them see themselves as God sees them.

B. How does God see un-redeemed man? See Isaiah 1: 18-20.

C. Israel of the Old Testament was spiritually blind. They could not see their need for God . Isaiah 65: 1-7.

D. The Pharisees of the New Testament were spiritually blind, and did their best to stay that way. Jesus was so perplexed by them: See Matthew 13: 13-17.

E. Let us open our eyes to spiritual truth. Let us not play the game of little children, who think that if they close their eyes,

others cannot see either. Rather Acts 17: 30 says "The times of ignorance God winked at; but now He commandeth all men that they should everywhere repent." Man cannot see God today because he has his eyes closed. God isn't playing.

II. Beware of the blindness of being too farsighted to see God

A. It is not a wise man who is too hyperopic to see God.

Ps 53:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity; There is none that doeth good. (ASV)

B. Romans 1: 18-25 describes what happens when man refuses to see the obvious around him; that God is everywhere and has created all things.

C. What awaits man who refuses to acknowledge God?

1. Matthew 10: 32-33. . . he will be denied by Jesus at a time when man desperately needs a recommendation by him.

2. He will meet angels who will take vengeance upon him for refusing to believe in the One who came amidst many miracles

( II Thessalonians 1: 6-10) and who showed himself alive after his death by many proofs (Acts 1: 3)

3. He will be judged for his unbelief ( Mark 16: 16)

D. There is no greater height of foolhardiness than to try to ignore God.

III.Beware of the blindness of being too nearsighted to have faith in God

A. Simon Peter began to walk on the waters of Lake Galilee by faith. He got a little too intellectual along the way and began to doubt that Jesus would let him do what it was that he was already doing ( Matthew 14: 22-36).

B. Perhaps at one time or the other we have all felt like the one who said (Mark 9: 24), "I believe; help thou my unbelief."

Romans 1: 16-17 tells us that

Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. (ASV)

Romans 1:17 For therein is revealed a righteousness of God from faith unto faith: as it is written, But the righteous shall live by

faith. (ASV)

. . . from faith to faith. This goes from a faith that has only a little to work with to a faith that grows and grows and becomes larger. This is a faith that not only enables us to live the best of lives but to die the best of deaths when that time comes.

C. Word of advice . . . if you are having a hard time with faith, read and re-read the Gospels. I know we teach a lot on doctrine

but your faith can be helped a lot by reading about the miracles and the teaching of Jesus. The Bible is more than a rule book. On the other hand, you can't ignore the rules, for it is the same Jesus in whom we have faith that says, "If you love me, you will

keep my commandments." John 14: 15. Study the first four books of the New Testament if you are having a crisis in faith.

IV. Beware of the cataracts of Satan that would cloud your eyes so you cannot see the things of God

A. A cataract is a cloudy membrane that grows over the lens of the eye. If not surgically removed it will cut off all light from

the retina and the person will not be able to see.

B. Satan would like to cloud your vision.

1. He would like to cloud your vision so you cannot see Jesus.

2. He would like to cloud your vision so you cannot accurately see what manner of person you are becoming. James 1: 22-25.

C. Spiritual cataracts grow when you

1. Don't read your Bible regularly. Make it a daily practice.

2. Don't pray like you should.

3. Don't love your neighbor like you should. I John 4: 19-23.

4. Don't think on spiritual things like you should.

5. Don't give as you should. ( II Corinthians 9: 6-8)

6. Don't attend church as you should. ( Hebrews 10: 24, 25)

7. Don't select Christians as your best friends and associates. ( Galatians 6: 9, 10)

V. Beware of the glaucoma of selfishness that puts so much pressure on your spiritual life because of the cares and lusts that are within that this kills off the nerves that could see God.

A. We are to live redeemed lives as Christians. Colossians 3: 1-17.

B. We are to live spiritual, not fleshly, lives. Galatians 5: 16-24.

C. Don't be like the seed that was sewn, and sprouted, but was so choked by the cares of this life that it died. See the parable

of the sower in Luke 8: 4-15.

D. This is the one that Satan is using to make hay of the Church. He tries to narcotize us with worldliness so much that we cannot see what is happening to us or to the rest of the world that we were sent here to evangelize.

VI. Would you see life? more clearly than the fleshly man can see it?

A . I John 4: 1-6. This is a command. God never gives man a command that man cannot do nor does He allow man to experience a temptation that he cannot withstand (I Corinthians 10: 13). Try the spirits? How?

B. Again scripture tells us. Matthew 7: 15-20. "By their fruits ye shall know them."

C. Keep your eyes in focus. Don't let the cataracts grow or the pressure within yourself build. Look beyond this life.

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