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II Samuel-A Story of God's Grace

Text for Today's Study: II Samuel

Narrative: The book of I Samuel was heavily about them. That is, I Samuel was a book of contrasts about Saul and David. But II Samuel was about David, and mostly about us. In David we see how a believer, even a devout one, can be tempted, get off track, come back to God, and be forgiven. We see how even a man after God's own heart can be distracted from his Father's business. And we also see how far God's grace goes in helping to correct and in not giving up on one who has decided to try to follow God in his heart, his soul, and mind.

Time: from about 1004 B. C. to 971 B. C.

The Bible Story (II Samuel):

In David we see the grace, goodness, and long-suffering of God in working with a wayward believer.

The sins of David

1. Adultery (Chapter 11)

2. Murder (chapter 11)

3. Lasciviousness (6: 16-23)

God's gracious principles

1. Walking-together relationship with its continual cleansing--see I John 1: 6-2: 5.

2. God's grace (unmerited favor) in Ephesians 2: 8-10.

3. God's characteristic of working with man in brief times of unworthiness--as in Lot in Genesis 19: 16.

4. When man's will is set against God, though, God shows no resolution in striking man down.

II. Positive characteristics of David.

A. Refusal to take joy in the defeat of those close to him. Saul--II Samuel 1: 1-16; 4: 7-12; 18: 9-33 , selected.

B. His Heart-Worship to God. For samples, see Psalms 8; 18; 19; 23


III. Negatives--where God extended grace to David

A. Indecency (chapter 6, vs. 16-23). Compare to Leviticus 18: 6-24.

B. Adultery, chapter 11. Compare to Leviticus 20: 10.

C. Murder, chapter 11. See Deuteronomy 21: 12, 14.

D. Conclusion: David should have been ceremonially executed at least three times over. Guilty as charged. Why didn't God enforce the penalty?

IV. Why doesn't God enforce the penalty for us?

A. Romans 5: 5-11.

B. Romans 8: 1-17.

C. You have to accept this gift. And you have to do the little bit that God asks of you. Your "little bit" is special because God makes it special. What a slap in the face of God to refuse to do our little bit:

Hear, believe, repent, confess, baptism. Is that so hard, given what God has done for us?

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