Our Favorite Lessons


Tori says "I really liked the lesson about hardening our hearts and going away from Jesus. It helped me remember that the further you go away from God, the harder it's going to be to come back to him."


Carlee and Lauren's favorite lesson was when Lee told us that the way to quit sinning so often is not by always thinking about the sin you committed, but by repenting of that sin and then thinking of postive things you can say or do, and Jesus. If you are always thinking about the sin, then you are just going to be more tempted to do it.


Alaynna said "I like the lesson where Lee taught us about feeling guilty about our sins. We all wrote a list of the sins we felt guilit about. Then, after a few minutes, we all discusssed one of our sins. Lee explained to us that no matter what the sin is, they are all bad and we should feel bad about it. If we don't, we will continue to sin until it becomes a habit.