Dover Church of Christ

Hwy 164 East, PO Box 299

Dover, Arkansas 72837

(479) 331-3428

Worship Management:

Deacon/Ministry leaders:  Merrell Shoptaw and Micah Williams

Elder of primary emphasis:  Eldership


Description:  The Worship Management ministry seeks to enable the congregation to have the most effective and scriptural worship services possible.  The ministry works to eliminate distractions from Godly worship.  It coordinates opportunities for speakers from outside the congregation to access the pulpit so as to instruct the general membership.  The Worship Management ministry progressively works to teach new songs to the congregation so as to increase the music literature available to the membership to use in worship.  It coordinates communion, prayers, scripture readings, giving, sermons, and announcements to achieve coherent worship experiences for the membership.  Worship Management is responsible for avoiding scheduling conflicts.  This ministry works closely with the eldership since the eldership is charged with the tending and feeding of the flock (I Peter 5: 2).  Access to the pulpit is ultimately granted through the eldership.


Ministry is Related to and Works With:    All other ministries. 

Participants Include, But Are Not Limited To:    Micah Williams, Merrell Shoptaw, Chris Loper, Rick Hollis, Randall Walters, Brett Walters, Blake Walters .