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We are involved in many different efforts to spread God's good news and to strengthen His family at Dover.  Please take a look at these and see if you might like to join us!

Ministries Overview
Information about all our local mission activities and the folks leading them within the Dover congregation.
Youth Programs   
 Information and schedules for the various youth-related activities at Dover and throughout the area.  Click here for our Senior High page, here for the Grades 4-6 page, and here for the Grades 7-9 page.
Lydia's Diary--Ladies' Involvement    
Articles of interest particularly to the women of the church.
Camp Caudle
We are actively involved in this exciting Christian camp at Scottsville, Arkansas which serves many groups from all over our area
Life Lines
Our weekly local publication containing bible lessons, articles of interest, and other information of importance to the congregation
Bible Study Groups
Schedules and programs for the various ongoing Bible studies for our members and visitors
Prison Ministry
Information and bible lessons from the multi-congregational efforts at the Pope County Detention Center
World Bible School
Information about our local participation in this global evangelistic effort

Able Samaritans

Information concerning our local efforts in support of disaster relief

3A Recovery Group  
Look here for information about our program to provide counseling and help for anyone struggling with addiction issues